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SERVPRO technicians suited in PPE clean a classroom.

Commercial Sanitation

Great efforts go into making your business look the best. Your property's cleanliness is our priority on sanitation jobs. A thorough inspection both before and after will ensure you of our standards when it comes to deep cleaning.

High rise shot of SERVPRO vehicles parked outside a jobsite

SERVPRO® of Vernon is Your Faster Mitigation Company

When disaster strikes, who will you call? It's true in large water and fire losses, plumbers and firefighters need to be called. But once they leave, you're still stuck with a disaster. SERVPRO® of Vernon is your faster mitigation company to get your business back running as soon as possible, "Like it never even happened."

2 SERVPRO technicians power washing sidewalk

Power Washing + Water Reclamation

Power washing is an excellent tool to use for deep cleaning. However, when power washing outside you must remember what you are cleaning. Is it hazardous? Is it unsafe to go down the drain? If you answered yes, water reclamation will be needed. This is the process of collecting the water before it reaches any drain.

SERVPRO technician suited in PPE using a thermal fogger.

Thermal Fogging for Deodorization

Odors can be so mysterious and hard to find. This can be especially frustrating to those who help operate and maintain commercial facilities. After all has been to locate an odor, deodorization takes place. Various means can used to accomplish this. In this scenario, it's by use of a Thermal Fogger. A piece of equipment that uses a deodorizer that's heated and released as a fog to penetrate the source of odor molecules. 

Servpro technician suited in ppe inspecting a ceiling with mold.

Moldy Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling tiles are common in business and commercial settings. Unlike other types of ceiling material, they easily show water stains. Those water stains if left untreated can lead to mold growth. That is what we see here. The lesson? Act fast when a disaster happens, it may prevent further damage and save you money in the long run.