Recent Before & After Photos

Garage Car Fire

This building went up in smoke and flames! In this apartment building, a car fire started in the parking garage underneath the apartment units. Fire and Smoke e... READ MORE

Elevator Shaft Flood

This flood took place at a High School, down 3 flights of stairs. The hallways and rooms were flooded up to about 6in. As you can see, the elevator shaft was fl... READ MORE

Homeless Encampment Clean-Up

Homeless encampments are becoming more and more common in the OC and LA areas. These area's are extremely problematic due to the nature of content found at thes... READ MORE

Air Register & Vent Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is recommended every 2-5 years depending on the use and circumstances. Dust and dirt can accumulate quick from constant use, and those particl... READ MORE

Shed Cleaning & Sanitation

This shed had been inhabited by transients and other unwelcome guests such as rodents. It didn't help there were various food products stored in this shed too. ... READ MORE

Commercial Roof Clean-up

Businesses need to operate at full capacity. A disaster can greatly impact that business and it's operating speed, disrupting employees and workflow. All of tha... READ MORE