Recent Before & After Photos

Storm Roof Damage | Tarping

This home withstood the elements! An LA Rainstorm wreaked havoc on this roof. Extensive tarping and board-up were necessary. This service helps protect your pro... READ MORE

Garage Fire | Roof Tarping

Catastrophic damage was caused by this garage fire. Although the fire originated in the garage, the smoke and ash spread throughout the entire house and air ven... READ MORE

Commercial Deep Cleaning: Floors

Day-to-day foot traffic in your commercial facility will naturally create a build-up of dirt. This is especially true for carpeted areas, which darken over time... READ MORE

Bathtub Restoration | Black Water Damage

Sewage back ups are a messy situation. Common in toilets, but can still happen in bathtubs as we see in the picture above. Sewage water forced its way up throug... READ MORE

Emergency Storm Damage | Tarping & Extraction

This is a great example of a BAD before and after situation. This construction site suffered an extensive water damage event. They decided to tarp their roof in... READ MORE

Garage Fire | Fire Restoration

An electrical issue in this garage was the source of a disastrous fire. Sadly this fire affected not one, but multiple garages of this apartment complex. The ce... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage | Construction Site

What you see in these pictures is just the small extent of this massive water loss. All 3 floors of this commercial facility were damaged due to water damage fr... READ MORE

Commercial Duct Cleaning | Air Vents

Commercial air vents and registers collect dust & debris regularly. Because of that, regular cleaning is recommended to keep your facilities air as pure as ... READ MORE

Commercial Board-Up | Compton Hair Salon

Board-ups can be a frustrating process for any homeowner or a business owner. They usually follow an unfortunate incident causing a large amount of damage. Such... READ MORE

Specialty Commercial Tarping

A crucial part of a dry-out system is the containment. This protects moisture from entering the drying area. But what if you're project is under construction an... READ MORE